Stylish & Traditional lehenga sets for Little Girls

Stylish & Traditional lehenga sets for Little Girls

Ask any Indian parents what their favourite kids party wear dresses are, & they’ll answer with party frocks, evening gowns, & traditional lehenga sets as their best picks for a party dress for baby girls.

Ethnic dresses like stylish & traditional Lehenga for little girls not only look gorgeous but also give your baby girl’s look an air of elegance & classiness.

With all the lovely designer options available for parents to choose from, traditional Lehenga sets make the perfect party dress for baby girls.

They are perfect party wear outfit options for lavish Diwali parties, festive celebrations amongst families, birthday or anniversary parties, & for dandiya celebrations at school.

And if you think that a Lehenga set is just a boring old pair of shiny blouses paired with a designer skirt & a stylish dupatta, then think again. Today’s lehenga sets come in a variety of styles, designs, colours & shapes to fit the expectations of every fashion conscious parent.

So if you are looking for some really good looking & fashionable Lehengas for little girls, then this article is just the right place for you to decide!

Below, we tell you about the top 4 styles of Lehengas for little girls. Read on & find out if they are perfect for your baby girl.

1. Stylish designer top & Skirt Set

This is the first & the most common type of Lehengas for little girls that you’ll find in the markets. However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that it’s not stylish or designer enough. A well-designed Sequin embellished & styled top paired with a gorgeous skirt in a fashionable, stylish cut-out pattern is the perfect kids party wear dress, & looks absolutely stunning & gorgeous at every festive occasion.

This pair looks good on every body shape & is the perfect classic ethnic wear party dress for baby girls.

Have a look at some of the best Sequin embellished top & skirt lehenga sets for little girls below from Rang, a top tier designer ethnic wear brand for little kids.

2. Frill design Lehengas for little girls

Need to spice up the traditional lehenga sets for little girls? Just choose some designer frill design tops & stylish designer skirts to complete the entire set.

Frill designs add a flair of drama & old-world charm to your baby girl’s traditional lehenga set, & make her carry a bit of panache & style at any festive occasion.

Choose any colours that go well with your baby girl’s skin tone & accessorize the look accordingly to make her steal all the attention at any party or festivities!

Below, take a look at the various Frill design lehengas for your baby girls from Rang.

3. Lehengas for little girls with stylish Ponchos & Jackets

Put a twist on classic lehengas for little girls & turn it into a perfect party dress for baby girls by pairing it with stylish ponchos & jackets. The additions give the whole look a stylish, chic Indo-western fusion vibe & make every eye turn on her!

Choose some chic, subtle, & good-looking lehenga sets with jackets & modish looking ponchos. In most cases, these come as one attached piece in the lehenga set, in others, these come as a different entity along with the lehenga set.

Take a look at some stylish & gorgeous lehenga sets for little girls with classy ponchos & jackets from Rang.

4. Sari style draped Lehenga Set for little girls

If you’re looking for a quirky way to style a traditional Lehenga at any festive occasion, try going for a sari style dupatta draping lehenga. This style not only looks different & edgy on your little girl, but also makes her whole look eye-catching & chic, thus making her look a mite different from the other girls her age in the party.

You can let your imagination run wild while accessorizing this look, & try going for long festive earrings, gypsy bracelets, festive headgear, & more to make your baby girl’s look totally stand out!

Have a look at some of our selections below.

A stylish, gorgeous Lehenga Set can make your baby girl’s look appear classy & elegant. Check out some stunning Lehenga Sets for your little girls here.