Shopping the right Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Shopping the right Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

The joy of anticipating a new little member in the house is best known only to those experiencing it themselves, the parents! Every expecting household is always running ahead with preparations for the baby; from setting up & painting the nursery, buying varieties of baby toys, & hoarding stacks of adorable, cutest baby clothes.

Parents are just so busy figuring out the absolute essentials & necessities needed for the birth & subsequent nutrition of the baby, that they sometimes forget to invest in other things. And although most parents do buy lots of beautiful baby clothes, they tend to do so in a hurry & forget or overlook the most beautiful, designer styles & the chic aspect of baby clothes. This is where you as a friend of the expectant couple can come into play, with the best baby shower gifts.

Baby showers are traditional ceremonies held in anticipation of the newborn baby. This is the occasion where loved ones, relatives & friends of the expectant couple literally shower them with gifts for themselves & the baby.

Food processors, child-rearing books, self-help books, mom-to-be gifts & dad-to-be gifts are quite common at baby shower ceremonies. Some concerned relatives & friends also give strollers, Stokke & baby high chairs to expectant couples.

The thumb rule is that, as long as the gift is useful for the new parents & the baby, it’s a good baby shower gift.

If you’re attending a baby shower for the first time & are wondering what to take as a perfect newborn gift that might actually come handy when they dress their baby girl for a party or a play date, this article is just for you!

Below, we’ll tell you some of the best baby shower gifts to take with you at the next baby shower you attend!

Read on to know more.

1. Baby outfits & gift sets

Baby outfits & gift sets are the perfect baby shower gifts & newborn gifts to give to expecting parents at baby shower ceremonies.

Even though most parents do spend time buying newborn clothes, it’s rightly said that no number is enough when it comes to little kids. Considering their ability to quickly ruin new clothes, you can safely wager on the fact that baby outfits & gift sets are always welcome as baby shower gifts!

While you’re at it, try picking up some cute, adorable & most importantly, comfortable outfit sets.

Babies’ skin is extremely delicate and any kind of coarse, rough fabrics & textures has the potential to harm them &/or cause rashes, a true nightmare for any new parents! This you need to keep in mind before gifting the best baby shower gift.

It also helps that babies love snuggly, soft-to-the-touch fabrics that feel light & nice to their skin. Choose some soft, snug outfits & gift sets to give to new parents at baby showers!

Take a look at this adorable baby outfit gift set from Dolce & Gabbana. In a light baby blue shade, & coupled with a cute, adorable Versace baby girl clothes & bib. These playsuits are the perfect newborn gift for baby showers.

2. Designer dresses & frocks

Adorable, glamorous dresses & frocks are universally accepted & loved baby shower gifts! Most parents, while buying playsuits, diapers & baby food, tend to forget or put off buying some beautiful designer dresses & frocks for their baby girls.

This is the part you can help them with, by gifting them some super-adorable, cute & dazzling designer dresses & frocks.

Designer dresses & frocks might not be the perfect outfit choice for a newborn baby for obvious reasons, but sooner or later, it will come in handy when they have to attend a party or say, celebrate a birthday!

A little hindsight of yours will prove beneficial to the new parents later on, & so you can freely gift them mesmerizing pieces of designer dresses & frocks for their baby girl as perfect baby shower gifts!

Looking for the perfect designer dress to gift at a baby shower? Check out this gorgeous, cute pink short sleeved double layered dress for baby girls from Fendi or this dress from Versace baby girl clothes!

3. Blankets & shawls

Even if the baby’s due date is in the summer months, a blanket & shawl is a necessary item for a newborn and make the best baby shower gifts. Since their skin is so sensitive, thin & delicate, newborn babies are always cold & shivering. Blankets & Shawls for little babies are the perfect baby shower gifts for expecting parents.

Not only do they help keep the newborn baby warm, but also helps her look cute & adorable snuggled up in a gorgeous, cuddly blanket!

Since the blankets & shawls will be in close proximity to the baby’s skin, you absolutely need to ensure that the fabrics are soft, light-weight & do not harm the baby in any matter.

If you have set your mind to gifting designer blankets & shawls to expecting parents at baby showers, take a look at this adorable, designer baby blanket from Versace baby girl clothes that will make a perfect baby shower gift!

Baby showers are the next best important ceremony for to-be parents that happens right before their baby comes into the world. As friends, colleagues &/or relatives of the expecting couple, it’s so considerate on your part to show an eagerness for the birth of their baby & invest time & effort into choosing the right baby shower gifts for their big moment!