7 Tips for Buying a Newborn Baby Shower Gift which is useful for the Parents

7 Tips for Buying a Newborn Baby Shower Gift which is useful for the Parents

Baby Showers are the most important celebrations for expectant parents, right next to the actual birth of their baby.

It’s an occasion where relatives, loved ones & friends of the couple come together to give the expectant couple good wishes & of course, lots of gifts!

Now, these baby shower gifts are often considerate gifts that the expecting couple will inevitably need to rear & bring up a baby. Some of these baby shower gifts can also be directed at giving the couple some opportunity to enjoy themselves in any spare time they get.

Baby Shower gifts generally involve newborn baby gifts that help the couple with the birth of their baby & the days post it.

These gifts involve newborn baby clothes, baby accessories, gift sets, onesies, strollers, prams, baby high chairs, baby-proof cutlery, bib sets, child-care manuals, blankets, bath time accessories, toys etc.

The more experienced you get, the more considerate & thoughtful newborn baby gifts you’re likely to give out to expectant couples.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give good & useful baby shower gifts to expecting parents if this is your first time attending a baby shower.

All you need to do is understand the couple whose baby shower you’re attending & give them gifts according to their own taste.

This consideration on your part will go a long way towards improving your friendship with the expecting couple & will actually give them something useful that could come handy in rearing their kid.

If this is your first time attending a close friend’s, colleagues’, relatives’ baby shower, we have your back! In this article, we tell you 7 tips to select the best possible baby shower gifts to bring along to the celebration! Read below to find out.

1. Stick to the items that are useful for a babies & their parents

Even though baby shower gifts are just that, gifts, you’ll have to remember one curious distinction.

What makes a baby shower gift truly special is its usefulness to parents of a newborn, hence baby shower gifts are also called newborn baby gifts.

Hence, for choosing the perfect baby shower gift, you should take care to stick to the gifts that you know are suitable for a baby & its parents.

Gifts like newborn baby gift sets, onesies, playsuits, jumpsuits, bibs, blankets etc. are all newborn gifts that you can safely bring along to a baby shower!

Below, check out a few products that are just perfect baby shower gifts for you to give to expectant couples.

2. Personalize the gift

If you have the time & the expecting parents are your special friends, then you can also take a shot at personalizing the baby shower gift.

Give them name printed(if they have already chosen one for their baby) blankets, bibs, t-shirts, playsuits or bath towels.

You can also try giving them some baby proof cutlery with the baby’s name imprinted on those, like pretty baby spoons, dishes or bowls.

You can also try printing a family portrait of the parents on the baby clothes, thus making it a sort of memorabilia for the yet unborn kid.

The more thought & effort you put into the baby shower gift, the more perfect & useful it will be for the parents!

Check out some adorable baby accessories for baby shower gifts below.

3. Include a gift receipt:

Sometimes, no matter how much thought you put into a baby shower gift, it just doesn’t work out for the parents. But they might feel too embarrassed to tell you & cause you inconvenience to get it changed or replaced.

Consequently, they are stuck with a newborn baby gift that they just can’t use for themselves or their baby.

To avoid such situations, it’s best to always include the gift receipt with the gift packaging. It’s a fairly common mistake people make, wherein they take out the product tags & receipt out of the gift packaging before they give it to the couple.

It might sound as the right thing to do while giving someone a gift, but is actually very inconvenient for the recipient should they want to get the gift changed or returned.

Hence, notwithstanding how odd it might look, it’s always best to include the gift receipt for the newborn baby gift you intend to give to expectant parents.

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4. Try giving parents gift cards.

Gift cards might have a bad rep amongst the gift-giving population, but they can actually come in handy for untimely, sour-of-the-moment purchases. There are always times when you just need some brand new diapers, baby accessories, baby food, new clothes etc, & these are just the times when a gift card can save the day!

Gift cards make for the perfect baby shower gifts if you give them out for baby clothing stores & baby accessories stores that are popular among new parents.

And if you don’t want to give out gift cards for baby clothing & diapers & stuff, you can always try buying the parents gift cards to something they would love. Gift cards for beauty salons, manicures, pedicures, massages etc. are all acceptable too, as they help the new parents indulge in a little self-care.

Have a look at some amazing baby products to give to expectant couples below.

5. Don’t buy something too huge & unsafe for the baby.

This should go without saying, however, it isn’t always as obvious to baby shower newbies. Most people think buying a newborn kid a giant stuffed animal is cute & adorable, however, it only causes a ton of inconvenience for the new parents & makes it difficult, sometimes downright dangerous, for a baby to play with.

It only takes a little more thought & logic to understand that an ideal baby shower gift is simple, soft, baby-proof, non-threatening & is easy for the baby to use!

Check out some truly safe & useful baby shower gifts below.

6. Gift some stuff that will be immediately useful

In the list of all points that make a perfect baby shower gift, their immediate usefulness takes the top spot.

Toys, hair & style accessories are appreciated, but rarely used immediately after the baby is born.

In contrast, stuff like diaper bags, diaper packs, baby face & butt wipes, baby soaps, bath towels, baby shampoo, playsuits, onesies, blankets & baby socks are just some examples of baby shower gifts that will actually be useful for new parents.

Hence, next time you’re shopping for newborn gifts, try to look past the shiny, pretty stuff & stick with the basics. In the end, these are what will actually be useful! Check out some of the necessities that can come in handy for the parents of a newborn.

7. Try giving a group gift

Group gifts are also the perfect gift for a newborn baby & its parents. They also show a group effort to make the baby shower celebrations better & more useful for the parents.

If it’s a baby shower celebration for your colleague, you can decide to pitch in together with your other coworkers to give the expecting couple a meaningful, thoughtful present that is also useful for their baby.

This way, you all can give the soon-to-be parents a great gift which otherwise might not have been possible for a single individual, & can also benefit from the various points of views of other parents.